Forskolin – The Simple Facts

Through the ages many herbs and plants have been used for medicinal purposes. The Aloe plant was found to have incredible soothing properties. The chamomile flower is used for stress management. About the same time, a little known herb called Plectranthus Barbatus was discovered. This root plant was used in ancient times for respiratory diseases, heart disorders, and even allergies! Today the root is distilled and purified into a more effective product called forskolin.

In ages past this plant has been used for a number of ailments, it seems to have been considered a miracle root because it has been taken for so many ailments like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Eczema, urinary tract infections, sexual problems, and even advanced cancer! Some have even turned it into drops or powder to treat Glaucoma and asthma respectively.

This herb shines the brightest, however when used as a weight loss aid. Just one small pill 20 minutes before breakfast can change ones body for good.

In one study a group of men were given Forskolin and another group a placebo. Twelve weeks later the first group had an average increase of testosterone by 16.77%. There are very few all-natural products that can boast of those results. It doesnt stop there, however. Even at rest, this supplement attacks the bodies stored fat and burns it. It literally mimics diet and exercise without any work on the persons part!

While burning fat, it simultaneously increases muscle mass, helping healthy weight gain and encouraging a lean body mass. Many have reported a new and wonderful energy rush while taking this supplement; they actually felt like working out!

Many products have similar boasts but none are as effective and safe at the same time! Testosterone drugs are notorious for being unsafe and a risk to all who take them. The worries are over now because this supplement is not a drug at all but a purified form of a root plant. Healthcare providers have even given it intravenously because of its well-known safety.

These are the simple facts about this remarkable product. When looking for a safe way to lose weight, build body mass, or just have more energy, remember forskolin.

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